Maggies Cocoa Kisses "Maggie"

Maggie is an AKC registered Chocolate female that was the start of our love of Labradors. We knew that we wanted a Labrador because of their great family friendliness, but Maggie gave us the desire to add to our own Lab family, and to start a breeding program so that we could bring the joy of the Labradors to other families like us.  Maggie is half English and half American, but as you can see from her puppy photo above, she comes with the mild mannerisms, and mellow personality of the English Labradors.

Shaws Midnight Harley Ride

Harley is our AKC black female.  Born on a New years Day, she is definitely our "party animal"!  Harley will often be seen running through the streams and snow banks when we take her out for a stroll, and she never found a mud puddle that she didn't love! She is a beautiful English Labrador with Champion Dickendall lines in her pedigree, starting with her Grandfather.